I am the CEO and founder of Artist Moon Beauty. My name is Hadassah Ayanna. I am a full-time mom and makeup artist from New York, the city of dreams. I am a Taurus with a Leo rising and an Aquarius moon. I love food, space, anime, makeup, astrology and music. When I was younger, I was unfortunately a victim of bullying. It destroyed my confidence and self-esteem. Makeup became a passion in my life at this time which helped me transform myself into a more confident young woman.

I started my professional makeup journey in 2014 where I was hired as a part-time Estee Lauder Beauty Advisor. My passion for makeup grew more and more each day as I learned about new products and makeup application techniques. I had the luxury of working with brands such as Christian Dior, MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Too Faced, NARS, and Fenty Beauty to name a few.

Working in the makeup industry and doing freelance work inspired me to become my own boss so I could do what I love at the comfort of my home and be able to spend more time with my son. Then Artist Moon Beauty was born.

I wanted to create a brand as powerful as my passion for makeup. To create products for every skin type, skin tone, race, age, sex, and gender. Artist Moon Beauty is a home for everyone to go to where they can be themselves without judgement and display their versions of beauty. All Artist Moon Beauty’s products are formulated, by me, with safe, luxury ingredients and love. Our brand is cruelty free ♡ and we vow to never test on animals.

Thank you all so much for your support! I look forward to growing and expanding this brand in the future. I am learning every day to develop products for everyone to enjoy!


Words of Encouragement: Do NOT let anyone tell you what you are not and what you ca not be. YOU define YOU and YOUR future. DON’T EVER give up or give in. Always believe in yourself and be kind to others. Follow your dreams and turn them into a reality. Anything is possible in this life and you can achieve anything you want in it so make it happen and make it count! Let your passion burn so bright it guides you in life. You can do this! You’ve got this! Stay true to you and what you love ALWAYS ♡